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We specialise in manufacturing of precision machined components and assemblies. Our products are used in :

10+ years of experience in making high-quality critical parts for Completion Tools, Subsea and Surface.

Expertise in development of critical import substitute precision components and assemblies.

We manufacture high-precision flying parts, jigs, fixtures and toolings.

We supply critical parts such as stems, shafts, sensor holders, tri-clamp bodies, and neck piece.

We manufacture valve blocks, manifolds, pistons, piston heads, cylinder ends, glands, lock nuts, and rod eye.

We make precision parts as per stringent FDA standards of surface finish, cleanliness and close dimensional and geometrical tolerances

We provide parts with high accuracy and critical geometrical tolerances.


Partner with Shirodkar Preci Comp, the specialist the innovative manufacturing of high precision mechanical components.

Precision Components

At Shirodkar Preci Comp India, we are continuously expanding our diverse range of precision components to meet your complex requirements with the highest quality.

◎   Advanced manufacturing technology
◎   International quality standards
◎   Detailed inspection and documentation
◎   Faster turnaround time

Together at
SPC India

Come be a part of a diverse, inclusive, flexible and progressive work culture. Let us align our goal and grow together.


Sustainability Goals

We are focused on building a long-term, sustainable business.


"Piller & its subsidiaries are international oriented and serve customers in all parts of the world. We produce premium products which need premium quality. We have been working with Shirodkar Preci Comp since 2013. Our business development has grown continuously. The quality of the manufactured components is an essential factor for this collaboration."

Piller Group

We are associated with Shirodkar Preci Comp since last 6 years. Good focus on customer requirements and the ability to implement them are the strengths of SPC management. Management is re-investing profits and continuously upgrading their manufacturing facilities which are supported by customized ERP systems. Strong customer focus & ability to deliver quality products in specified time are the key factors of the sustenance of our relations with Shirodkar Preci Comp.

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