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Core competencies

  • Precision Component machining
  • Assembly Jigs & Fixtures
  • Lay-up Moulds tools
  • Drill jigs & Trim jigs
  • Aircraft sub-assemblies
  • Inspection
  • Special Processes
  • NC Programing & CMM programing
  • 3D scanning / Reverse Engineering
  • 3D printing (Metal & non-metal)
  • On-site installation & Commissioning
  • Press tools

Core Domains in Aero Industries

Design Services

  • Tooling design
  • Tooling commonization design
  • Detailed manufacturing drawings
  • Tooling analysis
  • Bill of material
  • Support for certifications
  • Reverse engineering
  • NC Programing & CMM programing
  • 3D scanning / Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

  • Design to Build Solution
  • Build to Print Solution
  • Manufacturing Planning
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Warranty Support
  • Global Supply Chain

MRO Solutions

  • Engine MRO Tooling
  • Manufacturing Support
  • Consultation
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Ground handling equipment

Aero Structure

  • Assembly Line
  • Sub assembly and Couplings jigs
  • Trestles
  • Docks
  • Lifting Slings

Aero Engine

  • Assembly Tooling
  • Build Strip tools
  • Storage & Transportation trolleys

Component Manufacturing

  • Holding fixtures
  • Milling fixtures
  • Drill jigs
  • Checking fixtures
  • 3D printing (Metal & non-metal)
  • On-site installation & Commissioning
  • Press tools


Precision Component machining
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Missile Parts
Assembly Jigs & Fixtures

Aerospace industry is vast, varied and extremely dependent on machinery. To make sure every development and creation is built to highest standards possible, companies put their faith in our jigs and fixtures. We create top quality aerospace jigs and fixtures to ensure that every piece of equipment we are tasked with making in the aerospace industry is accurate. SPC has team of expert who has extensive experience in supplying high quality precision assembly jigs and fixtures. As a turnkey provider, SPC is adept at working with its customers in defining the assembly process and providing a complete family of coordinated tools from Sub-assemblies to major assemblies.

Lay-up Moulds & Dies tools

Lay up tools requirement is a large part of Aerospace composite parts manufacturing industry. We provide a complete solution in Mould lay up tools from design to tool delivery. We manufacture Lay up tools using Aluminum as well as steel alloys as per customer requirements.

Drill jigs

Drill Jig is a device used to ensure that all the members of batch of article are alike. In its simplest form, it is known as a template, which however only ensure uniformity so long as each article is accurately made to shape of template. The component accuracy depends on the accuracy of drill jig used. We can manufacture the drill jigs which require high level of critical machining like 5 Axis machine to maintain the accuracy as per client's requirements.

Checking & Inspection fixtures

Checking fixtures and gauges are the key element in aerospace industries. We can design and manufacture checking and inspection as per component quality approval plan. These fixtures include checking templates, checking fixtures, holding fixture for CMM or scanning activities, hand tools to check the shape of machined parts,etc.

Inspection Facility
  • FARO Arm
  • CMM – 2Nos (Carl Zeiss & Hexagon)
  • Vertical Height Gauge (Range -1500 mm )
  • Profile Projector
  • Optical Video Measuring Machine
  • MIC TRAC –Gauge Maker - Model MT 3000
  • Hardness Testing Machines: Rockwell & Brinell
  • Paint Thickness Measuring Equipment
  • MRP Gauges ; API Hard Gauges ; Ultrasonic Testing
  • QA Inspectors are Level II certified for all NDT Testing facilities
  • Level II Qualified Candidates - LPE ( SNT-TC-1A)
  • Level II Qualified Candidates MPI ( SNT-TC-1A)
  • Level II Qualified Candidates ISO-9712
Special Processes
Special Process like surface treatments are the vital part in aerospace industry.
  • We have developed inhouse facility for various surface treatment as per the customers requirements.
  • We have tie ups with outsourced facilities which certified by major aerospace industries those can be utilized as per requirements.
Sr. No Process Availability
1 Phosphating In-House
2 Glass Bidding In-House
3 Painting In-House
4 Chromium Plating Outsource
5 Cadmium Plating Outsource
6 Nickel Plating Outsource
7 Nickel - Cad Plating Outsource
8 Zinc Plating Outsource
9 Passivation Outsource
10 Chromic Acid Anodizing Outsource
11 Sulfuric Acid Anodizing Outsource