Shirodkar Preci Comp?

Beginning in 2015, Shirodkar Preci Comp took a leading position in the precision-machining Industry – excelling in very tight tolerance, ultra-high precision components.

Today, SPC holds strong in their position and is frequently chosen by organizations in the Military and Defense Industry as their go-to CNC machine shop. SPC utilizes the best technology to keep up with the latest advancements as per military machinery needs. We have the capabilities to meet the highest levels of precision and accuracy. Our machinists are skilled enough to create the complex components critical to your equipment without the need to know specifics of highly-classified applications.

Reliable products and complete confidentiality is one of the primary reason to choose our CNC machine shop. Our skilled technicians have over 15 years of CNC machining experience ensuring high-quality, custom-tailored components.



We have developed and manufactured critical import-substitute precision-machined components and assemblies for Artillery Guns, Long and Medium Range Surface to Air Missiles and their launching platforms in the indigenization project under the Atmanirbhar Bharat and Make In India missions.


5 Axis Milling for Unmatched Precision and Accuracy of Military Parts

Shirodkar Preci Comp offers 5 axis milling for detailed components, micromachining for accuracy at any size, deburring to ensure flawless application, and more. After working with our ultra-precision Machine Shop on your complex component needs, you will partner with SPC for any and all CNC services you require in the future. We have the capability to manufacture custom components with a wide selection of materials, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel
  • High Purity Aluminum
  • Super Conducting, Very High Purity Copper
  • Kovar
  • Invar
  • Titanium

Our expert machinists develop unique solutions no matter what application you have in mind. If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer capable of performing CNC machine work and EDM with exacting tolerances, SPC will ensure your next operation is a success.

Our Domain

We can develop and manufactured critical high-precision machined components, sub-assemblies and assemblies such as:

Staff Section Assembly Mount Assembly Linkage Assembly
Support Strips Plates
Door Body Assembly Chain Guide Steel Bosses
Hinge Guide Blocks Support Assemblies
Travelling Lock Assembly Spring Support Assembly Mast Manual Drive Assembly
Extended Handle Assembly Folding Foot Step Assembly Sleeves
Pins Adaptor Erection Drive Guide Plates
Folding Panel Clip Sub-Assembly Turnbuckle Assembly
Guide Clamp Guide Clamp Assembly
Slip Ring Cover Top Covers
Clamp Assembly Plate Housing
Washer Screw Clamp Bulkhead
Mold Assembly Canister Assembly Spacer Spring
Pin Pin Dowel Support Ring
Bearing Housing Rod Support End Fitting
Support Cage Cover Assembly Carrier Assembly
Spacer Tray Assembly Tie Rods
Strainer Retainer Guide Assembly
End Plate Rotor Hub Spacer Bearing
Gasket Cover Swivel Seal
Yoke Spring Clevis Bell Crank
Rod End Assembly Manifold Sleeve

Industry Benefits

Documentation & Traceability

We have developed a dedicated intranet IMS portal for convenient tracking and traceability of Records, Chemical MSDS, IM Documents, Audit Reports, Nonconformity, Calibration, Machine Maintenance, Incident & Accident and work-permit related documents.

Warp-Speed Delivery Commitment

We are the one-stop solution for customers who demand precision machining of parts with extreme critical tolerances, stringent quality and traceability requirements, documentation and committed on-time deliveries. With channelized infrastructure and skilled personnel, we offer the fastest delivery commitment with direct-on-line supply.

Experienced & Dedicated Team

We host a strong and experienced team to offer fully integrated solutions to the customer. Fully finished, tested and ready to use products. We have a dedicated team to coordinate project procurement, third-party tested Raw Materials and Boughtouts from a Data Bank of more than 8000 suppliers across the world.