Shirodkar Preci Comp?

Since 2007, Shirodkar Preci Comp has been a key player in the Indian precision manufacturing industry. As a technology-driven company, SPC has invested well in the latest equipment and machining capabilities to deliver unparalleled innovation, options, flexibility and craftsmanship.

Within its world-class manufacturing facility, SPC operates more than 45 CNC Work Centers. SPC delivers precision-grade expertise in milling, turning, gun drilling, wire EDM, and many such core and secondary processes. The company also maintains its own plating line for high- and mid-Phosphorous Electroless Nickel, anodizing, precious metals plating and painting.

In addition to its expansive machining portfolio, SPC also has a proven track record working with a diverse selection of specialty materials. Our range of expertise covers a variety of base alloys, including Titanium, Tungsten, Invar, Magnesium and others, while still maintaining baseline production using common materials like Copper, Aluminum, Brass and Stainless. The SPC team expertly combines technology and know-how to deliver high tolerance precision machining involving 3-, 4-, and 5-axis applications.

Our Domain

We make precision-machined metal components of electro-mechanical equipment such as kinetic energy storage systems, aircraft ground power systems, frequency converters and naval power supplies. These parts demand the highest accuracies and critical geometrical tolerances to ensure consistent and uninterrupted performance of the equipment in the field.

We develop and manufacture precision-machined components such as manifolds, throttle walls & orifices.

Electrical Equipment

Industry Benefits

Warp-Speed Delivery Commitment

We are the one-stop solution for customers who demand precision machining of parts with extreme critical tolerances, stringent quality and traceability requirements, documentation and committed on-time deliveries. With channelized infrastructure and skilled personnel, we offer the fastest delivery commitment with direct-on-line supply.

3.1 Certification

With respect to traceability, we have the 3.1 certification. This enhances the quality of our precision components.

Dedicated Machining Zone

To maximize our productivity and deliver the highest quality components within the shortest time, we have set up a dedicated Stainless Steel machining zone.

Raw Material Inventory

We maintain an inventory of a variety of raw materials including bar stocks, castings and forgings to ensure quick turnaround and supply with shortest lead times.

Experienced and Qualified Team

We comfortably exceed the expectations of the customers who demand precision machining of parts with extreme critical tolerances, stringent quality and traceability requirements, documentation and committed on-time deliveries. We have a strong and experienced team to offer integrated solutions to the customer. Fully finished, tested and ready to use product.

Documentation & Traceability

We have developed a dedicated intranet IMS portal for convenient tracking and traceability of Records, Chemical MSDS, IM Documents, Audit Reports, Nonconformity, Calibration, Machine Maintenance, Incident & Accident and work-permit related documents.