Shirodkar Preci Comp?

In one way or another, the food and dairy industry is responsible for almost everything we eat and drink. From harvesting wheat to processing canned goods to bottling soda, daily production processes in the food and dairy industry can vary greatly. But no matter what the application at hand, there is sure to be a wide range of complex equipment involved.

Shirodkar Preci Comp develops and manufactures precision-machined castings and components for food and dairy equipment. We work with numerous materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and specialty alloys, to create high precision, high durability parts.


Parts we manufacture for food and dairy applications include:

  • Components for meat slicers and similar equipment
  • Poultry processing components
  • Ice machine components
  • Components for commercial grills and warming devices
  • Parts of food-grade pumps: centrifugal pumps, circumferential piston pumps, rotary lobe pumps, etc
  • Tank Cleaning Equipment: rotary spray heads and rotary jet heads.
  • Hygienic Tube Fittings: tank accessories
  • Components for membranes and filters
  • Fluid Handling & Separation: Mixing Equipment – agitators, tank mixers, powder mixers
  • Parts of milking robots

We can provide prototype parts, low volume production, or quantities in the hundreds of thousands, as your project requires. Our precision machining capabilities produce high quality parts that match our customers’ exact design specifications.
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How Can We Add Value?

  • Versatile Machining Capabilities: We make components for machines which are required in applications such as mix preparation, filling, freezing, secondary packaging, curd baking, whey handling, sugar dissolving, powder handling, pasteurization, dosing, extraction, blending and buffering.
  • Food-Grade Steel: We use food-grade steel and have a dedicated stainless steel machining and processing zone.
  • US/EU FDA Standards: The equipment in which our components are used, are manufactured as per the U.S. and European FDA norms.
  • Surface Finish <0.4 μRa: We are capable of manufacturing components with stringent demands on surface finish less than 0.4 μRa.

Industry Benefits

Documentation & Traceability

We have developed a dedicated intranet IMS portal for convenient tracking and traceability of Records, Chemical MSDS, IM Documents, Audit Reports, Nonconformity, Calibration, Machine Maintenance, Incident & Accident and work-permit related documents

Warp-Speed Delivery Commitment

Kanban Supply Chain. Stagewise Production. Direct On-Line Supply. With channelized infrastructure and skilled personnel, we offer the fastest delivery commitment.

Raw Material Inventory

We maintain an inventory of a variety of raw materials including bar stocks, castings and forgings to ensure quick turnaround and supply with shortest lead times.

3.2 Certification