Shirodkar Preci Comp?

For more than 10 Years, Shirodkar Preci Comp has specialized in machining and manufacturing a wide range of hydraulic parts and components. Our state-of-the-art HMC, VMC, and CNC machining capabilities allow us to provide hydraulic machining services for many industries.

Our qualified engineering team and skilled CNC machinists use advanced machining equipment to produce complex fluid control hydraulic parts at high levels of quality and precision.

We manufacture a variety of individual hydraulic components and parts such as cylinder & rods, manifold blocks, pistons, covers, clamps, components for motors, pumps, fittings and hose hardware. Our range of secondary services, including anodizing, heat treating, passivating, plating, and assembly, gives us the ability to provide single-source solutions that simplify our customer’s supply chain, thus reducing manufacturing costs and improving turnaround times and overall customer satisfaction.

We have expertise in manufacturing, fine deburring and cleanliness of complex manifold oil galleries. We also have a special dedicated and competent team for manifold manufacturing.


How We Can Add Value ?

Shirodkar Preci Comp’s precision equipment consists of CNC HMC’s, VMC’s and Lathes enabling us to perform a diverse range of machining processes including turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, reaming, thread milling, profile milling and polishing. This array of capabilities allows us to manufacture hydraulic parts and components for industries ranging from aerospace & defense, food & dairy, oil & gas, flow control & measurement and hydraulics.

Our investment in the latest software tools and machining infrastucture enables us to meet the most demanding hydraulic component needs. Our manufacturing processes are capable of achieving tolerances upto 10 microns.

In hydraulic components, there is little room for error. Our ISO 9001:2015–certified quality-management systems ensure that all our processes produce high-quality products. Our qualified technical staff also manually and visually inspect each element using a variety of coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) and video monitoring equipment to ensure that all products meet client specifications and are as per industry standards.

Furthermore, our Kaizen/5S-based continuous improvement processes ensure that we’re constantly looking for new ways to optimize our processes, meeting demanding turnaround times without compromising final product quality.

If you would like to find out more about our hydraulic component machining capabilities and how we can help with your next project, contact our technical team to request a quote today!

Industry Benefits

High Precision Machining

Zero compromises on quality. We develop and deliver high quality world-class precision components.

Quality Deburring and Cleanliness
Special Threading and Complex Oil Galleries
Documentation & Traceability

We have developed a dedicated intranet IMS portal for convenient tracking and traceability of Records, Chemical MSDS, IM Documents, Audit Reports, Nonconformity, Calibration, Machine Maintenance, Incident & Accident and work-permit related documents.

Warp-Speed Delivery Commitment

We are the one-stop solution for customers who demand precision machining of parts with extreme critical tolerances, stringent quality and traceability requirements, documentation and committed on-time deliveries. With channelized infrastructure and skilled personnel, we offer quick turnaround times.