Shirodkar Preci Comp

is committed to building a safe,
sustainable, and eco-conscious

Safety, Health & Environment

Zero compromises on safety. We ensure the highest safety standards in our processes.

Code of Conduct

We are driven by values. Our code of conduct underpins our operations and our performance.

Kaizen & TPM

In our quest to deliver the best products to our clients, we have adopted the Kaizen culture and TPM philosophy.


We strive to minimize waste through proper identification and waste-management.

Sustainability goals

We go beyond compliance in relation to applicable environmental regulations and exceed other environmental standards within the industry to ensure that we are continually demonstrating the best practices. We are committed to protect the environment and prevent environmental pollution, injury, and ill health while systematically, and continually improving the SHE performance to the greatest extent possible and influencing our partners and colleagues to do the same.